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Here are some more photos sent to me by my visitors.
If you want to see your's here too, then send your photos to me here.

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Roland's Aqua-terrariumRoland's Aqua-terrarium
This is Roland's Aqua-terrarium.
Comfortably housing some active and happy Brazilian rainbow crabs.

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Holly Fabian's Male Fiddler crabsHolly Fabian's Female Fiddler crab
These are Holly Fabian's Fiddler crabs. They even came out to
'pose' for the photos. Well, their big claw is there just for showing off
after all...
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Zebra Shrimp Aquarium
Zebra ShrimpZebra Shrimp
These are photos of some zebra shrimp, I haven't found a Latin name
for them yet. If you can identify them then you can contact me here.
I wish my Java moss would grow like that...
Also if you took these pictures, please remind me of your name..

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Luke Davis's aquarium animals, watch your fingers.

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Vedran Èunèiæ's Fiddler Crab

Vedran Èunèiæ's unidentified fiddler(?) crab.
Recognise this species? Contact me here

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Sarah Gorrell's long arm shrimp.Sarah Gorrell's long arm shrimp.Sarah Gorrell's long arm shrimp.
This is Sarah Gorrell's long arm shrimp.

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Yann Crevette's Juvenile long arm shrimp. This is Yann Crevette's juvenile long arm shrimp.

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Alan's fiddler crab. This is Alan's fiddler crab. Using the rocks for cover.

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Andy Fell's Crayfish
Andy Fell's photo of a crayfish in its natural environment.

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