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UK Stores.       Go to US and International

A UK on-line retailer,
specialising in Dennerle
and Kent products.


Another UK on-line retailer,
specialising in freshwater
shrimp supplies.

Sevenoaks Marine

Another UK on-line retailer,
specialising in marine

Watford Aquarium

A UK on-line retailer,
specialising in marine
aquarium products. The Goldfish Bowl

A great UK shop,
with an on-line store. Aqua
An on-line retailer based
in Devon. Pozzani
Water purification specialist.
Good quality and cheap
R.O. units. Aquatics Warehouse
On-line retailer.

A UK on-line retailer.

Aquatics Online

A UK on-line retailer.

US and International Stores.       Go to UK

Good quality aquarium plants
Info on plant species, and
keeping a planted aquarium. Freshwater Aquarium

A US freshwater aquarium
plant specialist.

Happy Trails Aquatics Happy Trails Aquatics

A US mosquito fish specialist.
They breed the fish and give
you the best right off the Farm

A US on-line retailer.
A selection of high quality
supplies and equipment for
freshwater and saltwater.
plus many interactive and
informative features.

An on-line store that sells
aquariums and equipment

US on-line aquatics retailer.
They only ship within the US,
but worth a look if you are
there overseas.

Eheim's homepage.


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